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MAYCHAM CHINA was incorporated formally in China on August 19, 2003 in accordance with the Interim Provisions for the Administration of Foreign Chambers of Commerce in China, and received the approval certificate for foreign chamber of commerce from the Ministry of Commerce, P.R.C., and the registration certificate for social groups as legal person from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, P.R.C. The main objective of MAYCHAM CHINA is to promote the trade and exchange between China and Malaysia and further facilitates and strengthens the economic relationship between the two countries. MAYCHAM CHINA is a non-profit social organization as legal person, coordinated voluntarily by Malaysian corporations and individuals within the territory of China. MAYCHAM CHINA is also the first chamber of commerce officially and legally recognized by Malaysian Authority outside Malaysia. Read more

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Membership Application Procedure

How to Become a Member

Fill out the Membership Application Form. For a corporate membership, attach a copy of Company Business License together with an electronic 2” photo and a copy of the business card of the applicant or legal representative of the applying entity. For an individual membership, attach a copy of the business card and an electronic 2” photo of the applicant. Upon approved by the Executive Committee of the Chamber, one will become a member and a membership card will be issued by the Chamber.

Membership Fee Rates

For corporate membership: Initial registration plus membership fee, RMB2000, annual fee/RMB500, total: RMB2500 (for 2 years)
Renewal: Annual fee/RMB500
For individual membership: Initial registration plus membership fee, RMB500, annual fee/RMB200, total: RMB700 (for 2 years)
Renewal: Annual fee/RMB200

MAYCHAM CHINA Membership Application Form

English name
Chinese name
Date or birth
Place of birth
Marriage StatusMarriedSingle
Date of arrival in China
Residence in China
Name of parent company
Name of Chinese company
Year of establishment in China
Number of employees
Country origin of the Company
Address of Chinese company
Mobile phone
Other Rep. Offices in ChinaYesNo
Type of business license
Business type