Charity GALA Dinner 2018 - FAQ


How do I book a ticket/table?

To reserve a ticket/table, please call:

Mr Loh           139 0107 7116  or

Mr Choo        150 1009 8001

Kindly provide the following information
to complete the booking process:

  a.   Company name

  b.   Contact person

  c.   Email

  d.   Contact number and/or Wechat ID

  e.   Type of ticket/table
           (Gold, silver, individual)

  f.   Number of tables

  g.   Preferred payment mode

  h.   Company name for fapiao (if required)

  i.   Identificationnumber of the tax payer



How do I confirm my booking?

Your booking will be confirmed upon receipt
of payment.



What are the modes of payment?

We accept payments via:

  a.   Wire transfer to ChinaWorld Hotel, Beijing
         / Regal Plus (Beijing) Event Management
        Co., Ltd

  b.   Wechat Transfer

  c.   Cash

A receipt number will be given once your
payment is received.





When can I pick up my ticket(s)?

Tickets will be available for pick up from
30 March 2018. Please confirm with your main
contact person. Tickets may be collected by
the person with whom you made a booking


Can I get a fapiao?


Yes. All payments made are eligible for fapiaos.
Please provideus the company name for the
fapiao and the identification number of the
taxpayer (纳税人识别号). Fapiaoswill be issued
after the event.


Can I choose my table location?

There are no table selection options available.
We will allocate your seating based on the date
your booking is confirmed
(i.e. Once payment is received, we will allocate the
best available seat for you/your group).


Can I purchase a ticket on the event day?

Tickets will be open for purchase up to 24 April 2018.


Can I purchase raffle tickets if I do not buy an
event ticket/table?

Yes, however only those presented are eligible to
collect the prize with the raffle tickets.


What are your cancellation and refund policies?

There are no refunds for confirmed bookings in
which payment has been made.  






Payment details to China World Hotel


Company Name:


Bank Name:


AC No. 帐号:

Bank Address:


Transaction Code:






ChinaWorld Trade Center Ltd


Bank of China, Beijing World Trade Center Branch


3350 5601 2856 (for RMB account 人民币)

No.1 Jian Wai Avenue Beijing, ChinaChina Court No. 1, Building 8 L302A



1041 0000 4353






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